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e offer 3 different cleaning options to suit your requirements and budget. When getting quotes, it helps if you are able to compare apples with apples so to speak. Even though there are differences, the products we use are our own trademarked environmentally friendly products and not available over the counter. We carry full public liability insurance, are fully trained and experienced and are part of the largest wood refinishing company in the world. We are not a one man band with no insurance and a waterblaster who could potentially cause damage.

Stain & Seal at the same time:
We apply 2 coats of synthetic oil stain and own trademarked sealer combination, as not only is it non-toxic, this gives extra UV and water protection along with an additional algae inhibitor. This has also been hugely successful in helping to reduce splintering in decks. This has been hugely sucessful in helping to reduce splintering in decks. This is not an alternate means of repair where a structural repair is required.

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