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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Dr. DecknFence ?
Answer: Simply because we know what we are doing. Being part of the world’s largest and number 1 ranked wood refinisher company and also the recipients of multiple international awards for our service. How many international awards has your handyman, painter or contractor received? For peace of mind and great results, deal with the true professionals and leaders in the field. Don’t you deserve the best for your project?

Question: What makes Dr. DecknFence different?
Answer: What we do is to make your outdoor wood looks its best with the least amount of aggression to the wood and with specialized environmentally friendly solutions.

Question: Are your solutions really “Environmentally Friendly”?  
Answer: The solutions we use are developed to do an exceptional job in preparing your outdoor wood for refinishing, while being safe for the environment! Where others use caustic strippers, we are family owned and operated and believe in doing things the right way!

Question: How do I get an appointment?
Answer: Simply call your local Dr. DecknFence professional and we will be more than happy to get you on our schedule!

Question: Do you do repairs as well?
Answer: Yes! We can insert a section of wood missing and stain it to make it unnoticeable!

Question: How do I get an estimate?
Answer: Call us. We are happy to discuss with you options and ideas for your project and can give you an instant estimate based on that information.

Question: My deck has a lot of splinters Will this help?
The Dr. DecknFence proprietary stain sealer will bind with the wood and reduce splintering dramatically. All wood is different and may react differently with service. But we have refinished decks with terrible splintering problems and totally eliminated the problem!

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