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Being a very green conscious and a family orientated company, we choose to use only environmentally friendly products, including water-based synthetic stains. Not only are they healthier for everyone, in our opinion and experience, more durable, longer lasting and look better than traditional oil based stain.

At Dr. DecknFence we know that there are many options for getting your deck serviced.

What makes us different from the rest?

We are a truly international company along with being the largest wood refinishing company in the world. No other company can make this claim!

We have our own trademarked green certified cleaning solutions that cannot be purchased over the counter anywhere in the world.

Our unique trademarked cleaning solutions safely removes dirt, mildew and algae leaving  the wood clean….. with absolutely no harm to your plants or pets.

All our service technicians are fully trained, certified, have pride in and are passionate about their work. We also carry full public liability insurance.

At Dr. DecknFence we are able to offer a variety of different cleaning options with prices to suit all pockets and lifestyles.

We can and will get rid of that embarrassing slippery or dirty deck for you in just one painless treatment.

We guarantee incredible restoration results!


Prepare the surface to be serviced. Apply our “Green”  Dr. DecknFence Brightener
 Power wash the surface Allow surface to dry
Lay protection surrounding the surface area  Apply our proprietary Dr DecknFence
Stain Sealer combination
Allow to dry. Cures in just one hour
and you can walk right on it!
Before and After our service!